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Calming & Distress, Mental Clarity

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    Druzy Quartz Pendant

    $52.00 $42.00

    • Dispels negative thoughts and emotions effectively.
    • Amplifies clear, creative and pragmatic thinking.
    • Balances any impurities within the body by promoting good health, meditation and positive thinking.
    • Promotes mental and emotional well-being.
    • Helps to clear feeling of isolation, alienation and self-doubt.









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    Create a sacred space for yourself ensuring that you won’t be disturbed for at least around 30 minutes. Play some soothing and relaxing music with nature sound to create a balance and comfortable ambiance, light some healing candles, burn some incense or...

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    White Light Shielding Technique

    White Light Shielding Technique is very important in our daily lives. Sometimes we tend to “pick up” energy from other people, without knowing we are doing so. These psychic vampires draws away our energies and sometimes they will carry out psychic attacks...

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    10 Ways To Cleanse Your Aural Energy

    We all naturally attract certain situations and relationships in life. It’s like they are magnetic, and we are gravitated towards them. There is patterns that become noticeable but not until they have shown up over a period of time. We all have different lessons to...

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