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Create Your Unique Bracelet

New Year, New You!
Experience an informative one to one bracelet customization session with our resident crystal consultant. Learn to select the stone beads to create your own bracelet story that suits your needs and requirements this New Year!



Bracelet Story Bonding Session

Bonding Activity, Child Story, Bracelet Story

PACHIRA with Clear Quartz

Mental Clarity & Tranquility

Bracelet Story Bonding Session

For Parent & Child

S$208 $148.00

Join our Bracelet Story Bonding session this school holiday with you little one to experience an informative and fun hands-on session conducted by our resident crystal consultant.

Session includes:

1) Learn about the various stone healing properties of the beads.
2) Learn about the unique colorstrology behind each stone bead selection.
3) Learn to select the stone beads to create your own bracelet story that suits our needs and requirements.
4) Learn to design & make your own bracelet.
5) Bonding with your child during the bracelet creation.
6) Inclusive of 2 bracelets (8mm and 4mm sizes)
7) Top-up $28 for every additional child. (additional one bracelet)
8) Maximum 4 paxs to each booking.
9) Approximate 1-1.5 hour per session.

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